Classes Starting in September

We are gathering interest for some new classes we want to start in September 2022. Below is information about the classes and you can click the following link to show your interest:

Ballet Classes for ages 9 to 12 - SPACES AVAILABLE

Available spaces in our ages 9 to 12 ballet classes details of the classes below. All students are welcome whether they've danced before or are beginners who want to try something new. Please click the link below to show your interest and start the process of booking a taster class. 

Ages 9 to 10

  • Wednesdays 5 pm in St Martins (New for September 2022)

  • Saturdays 10.15 am in Whittington (already running)

Ages 11 to 12

  • Wednesdays 5.45 pm in St Martins (New for September 2022)

  • Saturdays 9.30 am in Whittington (already running)

Click HERE to complete the form to show your interest. 

Dance Class